Sanderson, TX
Arroyo Grande Cantina, Sanderson, Texas © 2002 Larry Angier
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Ron Schofield, Fiddletown, California © 2003 Carolyn Fox
Note: We'd probably change the photos above, but we still like them. They are iconic of what we do with the craft of our photography!

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Welcome to the website of Larry Angier and Carolyn Fox, Image West Photography, here at our Peek Hill Studios in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada! We are pleased you came in! People tell us that we have a gift in our vision of Rural Americana. But this vision is also part our business and our stock in trade. As a business, our images are our life blood and our major source of income and allow us to continue to photograph. This is our showcase to the world and we hope you enjoy our photos, but please respect our copyright and don't use our images in any way without our permission. (It's like me walking into your garage and "borrowing" your car and not asking. It is simply wrong.) By respecting our copyright, we'll both get along just fine and you can enjoy our work for years to come.

Why do we ask you to not use our photographs without payment?

We are professional photographers and our income comes from creating and licensing rights to our images. This is a small business. We are entitled to earn a living from the fruits of our labor. If you download or copy our work and use it without our permission, we lose out on the opportunity to be rewarded for our efforts and can't afford to go out and create more. It is a business thing. We would love to just photograph and not worry about the business aspects, but we would soon be in the poor house (it seems as though we are there now, especially with the tremendous cost of digital production!) This site is to not only to showcase our photography, but to promote our photography, to (hopefully) make a profit and continue in business. Without a little gold, we'll have to fold!

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